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Immerse in the timeless beauty of Venice.

venice italy halal travel boat gondola

Holidays for Muslim might sound limited to some particular places however the narrative is completely flawed. One such exemplary citation for Halal holiday is in Venice, Italy. The city built on water is an exceptional portrayal of the Muslim Architecture and Influence. Nonetheless, an ultimate, dream travel destination for Islamic holidays. With the population of 261,905 residents and an area...

Sustainable Holiday for Muslims

planning holiday for muslim

Travelling is one of the best experiences a person can have in its life. In fact, whenever any of us has saved some money, the first idea that comes to our mind for spending it is through holidays and travelling. A lot of people are born travelers. Many us find spiritual satisfaction and inner peace only when travelling. There are also people who live for travelling. Some of us prefer foreign...

How to see Luxor in a day

Enjoy sunset at nile, after an adventurous afternoon

As a part of ‘Explore Egypt 2018’,  Muslim travel club visited Egypt including Luxor , Aswan and Cairo over Easter. Each of them deserves a separate post. In this post we will tell you how to see Luxor in a day in its depth, while saving a huge chunk of money. Luxor was the capital of Egypt in ancient times. It has a lot of monuments on both sides of Nile , which attract thousands of...

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