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Immerse in the timeless beauty of Venice.

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Holidays for Muslim might sound limited to some particular places however the narrative is completely flawed. One such exemplary citation for Halal holiday is in Venice, Italy. The city built on water is an exceptional portrayal of the Muslim Architecture and Influence. Nonetheless, an ultimate, dream travel destination for Islamic holidays. With the population of 261,905 residents and an area...

Halal Holiday destinations in Europe: The 4 Best Muslim Friendly City Breaks

vilinus holiday for muslims

Traversing through the world is always a great experience. Not only do you get yourself into amazing adventures but you also get to experience colorful cultures and places. However, if you are a Muslim, there is a lot more to take into consideration when planning a getaway. Will you be able to find halal food? Will you be able to wear the face veil? Are there mosques in the city? How will the...

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