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Halal Holiday destinations in Europe: The 4 Best Muslim Friendly City Breaks

vilinus holiday for muslims

Traversing through the world is always a great experience. Not only do you get yourself into amazing adventures but you also get to experience colorful cultures and places. However, if you are a Muslim, there is a lot more to take into consideration when planning a getaway. Will you be able to find halal food? Will you be able to wear the face veil? Are there mosques in the city? How will the...

Salah while travelling – solution to some common problems


Salah (prayers) is one important pillar of islam. Its an obligation on every muslim, whether at home or during travels. Many muslims neglect prayers while they are travelling, due to very little things.  In this post, we will discuss how to deal with the salah issues we face, while travelling . Ablution The most common problem is how to do wudu (ablution), when in the city or when on the walking...

Why Travelling with Strangers can be a Unique Experience!


The concept of the other, or a stranger, are merely human constraints and constructs, that have been created and passed on from generations to ward off threatening situations. While it may have its downside, the upside is that you have a lot to gain by making friends with strangers. Meeting people from a diverse background There is never a dull day when meeting strangers. Knowing that you’re all...

The first step


In late 80s, there was a little child in some part of the world, who used to watch american movies on television. He used to get fascinated and dreamy as he watched the scenes shot using helicopter , of long and wide roads and bridges crossing over other bridges. He wondered what life will be like, in that part of the world. How people live and what  their day comprises of. That thought chain was...

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