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Sustainable Holiday for Muslims


Travelling is one of the best experiences a person can have in its life. In fact, whenever any of us has saved some money, the first idea that comes to our mind for spending it is through holidays and travelling. A lot of people are born travelers. Many us find spiritual satisfaction and inner peace only when travelling. There are also people who live for travelling. Some of us prefer foreign trips while the rest choose local adventure, cultural and trekking trips. Wherever we go, we must think of being sustainable, specially as a muslim.

Anyhow, we are all fond of travelling and why shouldn’t we? As it gives a deep understanding of the world. Stepping out of your city and seeing what the world really has to offer. The diversity of traditions, a variety of foods, mixed cultures, heterogeneity of people, and the hospitality, it all counts! Holiday for Muslim reserves religious importance as well. Islam urges its believers to travel the world as much as they can and as far as they can. So that they can broaden their views about life and get thrilled by the nature of the God Almighty, ultimately strengthening their beliefs.

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Travelling has always been and will always be a source of enjoyment, peace and happiness, for people all over the world. It is human nature that entices to discover the undiscovered and explore what is unknown. Travelling has infinite benefits to offer. Let it be mental or physical. For the travelers, every bit of travelling is an opportunity to learn something new. Here are some of the widely acknowledged advantages of travelling:

1. A unique perspective

The best advantage of travelling is that it offers an instant shift in your perspective. It suddenly starts altering your thoughts and the way you see the world. The thing is when a person is working all day long in its daily life, he becomes restricted in a loop. Get up, eat some food, go to work, get back home, have dinner and go to sleep. When working in such an environment where nothing new, nothing exciting is happening, he naturally starts developing thoughts of the same kind. Ultimately, despite living a life that a lot of people dream for, starts complaining about everything. However, when you travel and meet new people, listen to their life stories and struggles they have to go through on a daily basis, you suddenly become more generous and grateful. You broaden your views and start becoming content with what you have in life. The golden rule to be happy! And how can you realize this? – Only by travelling.

2. Helps you Understand Yourself better

Travelling is a source and channel to self-discovery. It leads you to dive in your inner self and find out your capabilities. Capabilities which are distinctive and far more powerful. Abilities that are only gifted to you by the almighty. As a matter of fact, you start exploring yourself. Your likes, dislikes, your interest, hobbies. So, in order to really get to know yourself, you have to travel. Travel to the places that are unknown, sit among a group of strangers and never be afraid to try something new because who knows, what can lead you to your self-discovery.

3. To Redefine your Personality, break from city life is necessary

Looking for a path to redefine yourself? Travel, Travel, Travel! Human personalities are very beautiful. The fact is, it can be shaped either in a positive manner or a negative one, very easily. You sit among a group of losers you become a loser. On the other hand, you make friends with the people who talk about growth and success, before you know, you become one of the most successful people in your respective fields. Travelling is, so far, the best way to know who you really are. A person never returns with the same thoughts and habits after travelling. As it has developed more meaning and purpose to its life. Meeting new people from all around the world, living in unknown cities and exploring their cultures, you become more wise, generous and friendly to others.

4. Enhances your Social and Communication Skills

Believe it or not, the art of talking to people in accordance with their personalities is a key to success. Doesn’t matter whether you are qualified for a particular field or not, as long as you know how to talk to different people, you would be nothing less than successful. Thus, a great way to master this skill is through travelling. As it gives you more self-confidence, the true sense of independence and reliability. 

5. Prepares You for the Challenges to come

Travelling is an adventure in itself. You don’t know what next is coming your way. In order to keep yourself calm in a time of crisis; you have to remain prepared for all the challenges. All the incidents that might occur during your stay. Same is the principle of living a happy and stress-free life. Travelling enhances your awareness. It also teaches you to remain cautious of your surrounding. So that you can always be ready to face challenges in life.

6. Makes you more Tolerant

When a person meets a lot of new people during their holiday, with everyone coming for a different background, having different beliefs and opinions – it helps broadens the mind. The person become more tolerant , open and welcoming towards the opinion of others. Everyone has freedom of speech, which needs to be respected.

7. Offers the Freedom to Try Something New

Trying something new every day and overcoming your fears is a perfect approach to progress and growth in life. When you are having the time of your life on your holiday, among a bunch of strangers you feel a sense of freedom. Freedom to do whatever you’ve always wanted to. Whether its skydiving , deep-sea diving, trekking trips or camping. Travelling offers you the ability to do all that fearlessly!

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Tips for Muslim travel

  • Always pack light: Packing light is an intelligent and life-saving option. Not only it saves you from the hassle of handling excessive baggage, which in most of the cases is a cause of stress, but also liberates you from the fear of stuff getting lost. Pack your essentials in a small suitcase or a backpack and begin the journey!
  • Don’t just rely on credit cards: Where Credit/Debit cards offer ease of carrying all of your money with you, they sometimes are also the source of constant stress. The fear of card getting declined, or the unavailability of ATMs ( or cash points), everything comes to your mind. So, to avoid all this, carrying some of the foreign currency with you is a great idea. As we all know, not every local shop accepts credit/debit cards.
  • Sketch out your travel plan; Budgeting, Routes, etc. Travel is always full of adventure and fun. However, if you don’t have a budget plan to stick to or a route map, you might end up in trouble. You might run out of the money, or you might get lost – the two major nightmares of a holiday. In addition, Holiday for Muslim can be really tough when finding halal food becomes a challenge. So, to avoid all this, it’s better to have some information about the place you are visiting, beforehand.
  • Capturing your moments is important, however, live them more: Living in the era of social media and technology, it’s difficult for everyone to get off the phone, even on a travel trip. While capturing your precious memories is important, living them the very moment is far more essential. Therefore, while on a trip, try avoiding using too much phone and get out in the real world to explore more.
  • Have a translator app installed on your phone: Translator apps are of great help to tourists, especially when you are visiting rural areas, valleys and mountains of a country. As the locals know best about all the things in their cities, the translator app will help you in communicating with them to find the best tourist spot rather than navigating through online maps. 
  • Travel by road, if you can: Travelling long distances by road is a very thrilling experience. However, it is not suitable for everyone. It offers you a deep understanding of the terrain, people and life of the particular city/country that you are visiting. Hence, if you are comfortable with travelling by road, then there is nothing better than that!
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How Muslim travelling helps the world?

People get to know Islam better

Holiday for Muslim is not only a source of fun and adventure but also an opportunity to preach Islam. However, it doesn’t mean you start going to people of different religions and force them to convert to Islam. Rather, make yourself pure, bring sincerity and compassion in your words and actions, talk to people politely, fulfill your duties while travelling and respect everyone. In short, make people impressed with your character but again in an honest manner, do not adopt a fake personality to impress others as Islam prohibits such actions.

Diversity of Travel options and Business

Before the concept of Halal Travel, it was really tough for Muslims to explore the world. The major hurdles in the way of travelling were halal food and halal travel environments. However, with a new category of Muslim Travel in the tourism industry, not only more and more Muslims are encouraged to travel the world but also it has become a profitable business for the world. As a matter of fact, halal tourism is one of the rapidly growing sectors of this industry. That means more business opportunities as well as simplified travel for Muslims all over the world.

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your Obligations as a Muslim traveler

  1. Don’t litter. Littering is one of the worst realities of tourism. Whether these are tours in mega cities or trekking trips in valleys and mountains, people come to visit and explore these places but leave their trash behind. It’s not ethical at all. Try to keep your surrounding neat and clean and dispose of the waste properly.
  2. Respect everyone. It is necessary to respect everyone while travelling. Whether the people are your fellow travelers or the locals of the country, value each and every one.
  3. Don’t do anything illegal. Do what’s legal and don’t indulge yourself in any criminal activities.
  4. Learn, but never mock someone’s beliefs, religion and culture. When you are in a different country, you will come across a variety of people with completely opposite beliefs, and views than yours. So, keep an open heart and mind and talk politely to others. Don’t be rude, ever!
  5. Pay for your food and other services. If someone gifts you something , then its fine. However, always pay for the food you eat at the restaurants and other services you hire.
  6. Eat and Drink Halal. Halal food is a necessity on a Holiday for Muslim. In addition to this, always keep your activities and fun halal.
  7. Never harm animals or plants in your surroundings. It means, killing or irritating the plants and animals in your surroundings. If they don’t harm you, there isn’t even a point to harm them.
  8. Spend wisely. Don’t go with extremes. That means, neither spend too much on a single thing nor too less. Rather opt for moderation in spending money.
  9. Help others. If you see someone in trouble, help as much as you can.
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The Takeaway

Travelling is a great way of finding inner peace, having fun with your friends and family and get a break from city life. However, halal travelling isn’t all about eating and drinking halal. It comprises of fulfilling your duties as a traveler. Which include, keeping yourself honest and polite to others, helping people, keeping the environment around you neat and clean. Moreover, always learning something new and always be ready to face any trouble with patience and gratefulness. This is what Sustainable Travel teaches us.

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