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Salah while travelling – solution to some common problems


Salah (prayers) is one important pillar of islam. Its an obligation on every muslim, whether at home or during travels. Many muslims neglect prayers while they are travelling, due to very little things.  In this post, we will discuss how to deal with the salah issues we face, while travelling .


The most common problem is how to do wudu (ablution), when in the city or when on the walking trail. If you are female with a head scarf, its easy to fall in the trap of ‘cant make wudu’.

There are three obligatory steps to make ablution. Which means if you do them, your wudu is done and you are ready to pray.

  1. rinse the mouth
  2. put water in the nose
  3. Wipe One quarter of head with wet hand

For number 3, you can just put your wet hand on the top of your head/hair. It doesn’t have to go back all the way till your neck.

If you can do the other steps which you do whilst at home, its good. But wudu will be valid once the above mentioned steps have been performed. The steps mentioned above are the minimum possible needed to make a valid ablution.

Prayer Times

Tech savvy Muslim  travelers with smart phones can now have prayers times all over the world on their phones. Thanks to some greats apps. One of them is called Muslim Pro.  You just need to update your location in app settings. And it will show you the salah times wherever you are. It also shows you Qibla direction, list of mosques near by and halal places to eat.  Check out its iOS and Android versions

In flight Prayer Times and Qibla Direction

So Muslim pro is great but only when your feet are on the ground.  What if you are doing a 9 hour flight ?  how would you decide when to pray and in which direction.

One tried and tested app is HalalTrip. You enter your departure and arrival times and destination(s). It will show you start and end time of every prayer which will fall during your flight. It will even tell you the direction of Qibla during each prayer. You can save the screen short of the prayer times before you turn on the flight mode. Check out its iOS and Android versions .

In turkish, emirates and Etihad airlines, there is a qibla locator on the screen.  If qibla is behind you, you can just pray in the direction of travel. Otherwise , if you can, adjust by facing slightly right or left , depending on where Qibla is.

Praying when there is no prayer room or mosque near by

In many cases, you find yourself in the place with no mosque and no  room to pray. In that case, you can do two things.

  1. find a quiet corner, and pray there
  2. if you dont feel the courage, then sit down on the bench facing qibla, and  pray there.

I hope this will help some of us to do our prayers on time while traveling.  If you are doubtful about anything written above, consult the scholars you trust. Let us know if there is any mistake . We would be grateful


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