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Immerse in the timeless beauty of Venice.


Holidays for Muslim might sound limited to some particular places however the narrative is completely flawed. One such exemplary citation for Halal holiday is in Venice, Italy. The city built on water is an exceptional portrayal of the Muslim Architecture and Influence. Nonetheless, an ultimate, dream travel destination for Islamic holidays. With the population of 261,905 residents and an area consisting of 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea, Venice is the capital of Italy’s Veneto region.

The vibrant life, peacefulness dripping from every inch, heavenly traditional foods, captivating waters and majestic grandeur of artistically built houses, buildings further add to its charm. No wonder why Italy has become an ideal tourist destination not only for Islamic holidays and Halal holiday for Muslims but also for the people of all regions residing in this world.

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How does Venice Art and History links to Islam?

Relations with the Byzantium:

Founded in the 7th Century, Venice continued strong political ties with the Byzantium empire. As a result, the Venetian merchants gained trading privileges from the Byzantine emperors that further gave them a distinct advantage over their rivals, in the 10th-11th Century.

As the Byzantium gradually gave way to Islamic Caliphates from the 8th Century to onwards, Venetians came into contact largely with the Muslim Ideology; culture, ideas and their concept of life. Consequently, by the end of 15th century when Byzantium suffered its ultimate demise by the hands of Sultan Mehmet II, Venice has already become Christian Europe’s most important interface with the Muslim civilizations of the Near East.

Artistic Consequences:

The relationship which Venice built with its Islamic Trading Partners like Ottomans of Turkey, Mamluks of Syria and Egypt and the Safavids of Iran, had a major aesthetic influence of the Muslim art on them. The same merchants who once used to carry spices, soaps, and industrial supplies from the bazaars of the Islamic Near East to the markets of Venice, now, started bringing luxurious carpets, porcelain, gilded book bindings, velvets, illustrated manuscripts, silks, glass, and inlaid metalwork. The majestic masterpieces of the Islamic Art and culture, with a quality, never seen before in Europe.

Venetians were greatly impressed with such artwork. As a result of which, from Medieval to the Baroque eras, they adapted as well as imitated its techniques. Making the Islamic architect of Venice, worldwide center of attention. Especially for Muslims. That’s how the Holiday for Muslim in Venice has great importance.

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How Muslims influenced the food?

The delicacy of Italian cuisine is well known all over the world. The rich, organic and mouth-watering taste that it offers, one can hardly find outside of Italy. Since Venice’s history has a major impact of Muslim culture and traditions, that’s how the halal eating introduced itself. In spite of all the Italian foods; pizzas and pasta you can find there, there is a variety of halal option available for Islamic holidays. With Kebabs, BBQ, Indian, Turkish, Afghani, Iranian cuisine at the top. 

Muslim Architecture:

Venetian Gothic is the architectural style and influence of Venice. It’s a combination of Italian Gothic Architecture, with influence from Byzantine architecture, and some from Islamic architecture. Therefore, reflecting the history of Venice’s trading network with the bazaars of Islamic Near East. One of the major reasons for its importance for Islamic holidays.

Some of the exceptional representation of which still resides in the two most popular buildings; Doge’s Palace and Ca’ d’Oro (also known as Palazzo Santa Sofia).

1.    Doge’s Palace:

Founded in 1340, Doge’s palace was the residence of the supreme authority of Venetian Republic. Commonly known as Doge of Venice. Built according to the Venetian Gothic style, it still remains one of the famous and notable landmarks of Venice in northern Italy. In the following centuries, the structure was a subject to extension and renovation several times till 1923 when it finally became a museum. Making it one of the 11 museums run by the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

2.    Palazzo Santa Sofia:

Situated on the Grand Canal, in Venice, northern Italy, Ca’ d’Oro or Palazzo Santa Sofia is a palace.  Ca’ d’Oro is one of the best surviving landmarks of Venetian Gothic Style majorly inspired by the Islamic Architecture.

Due to its unusual Gilt and Polychrome external decorations, which once adorned its walls, it is known as the “Golden House”, which is also the meaning of its name Ca’ d’Oro. Since 1927, Palazzo Santa Sofia is serving people as a museum known as Galleria Giorgio Franchetti.

Palazzo Santa Sofia’s architectural style had major inspiration from Muslim art. Due to the very reason; the building contains Islamic-inspired decorations along the roofline with fancy colored, rare stones that also extends to flat wall surfaces.  In addition to that, the smaller windows with a variety of forms of ogee arch further add to its beauty.

Some other Notable Buildings:

There are also a lot of other buildings of Byzantine and Islamic Influence in Venice like

  • Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto.
  • Santi Giovanni e Paolo.
  • Ca’ Foscari.
  • Palazzo Loredan dell’Ambasciatore.
  • Palazzo Dario.
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The ultimate travel guide for Halal Holiday in Venice.

Halal fooD

Finding halal places to eat in Venice isn’t a tough task as it might seem. The presence of many Halal restaurants has made Islamic holidays easier due to the variety of vegetarian and halal meat dishes. Whether you are looking for BBQ or Fast food, Indian (Desi food) or something vegetarian, you can find everything. Here are some of the top-rated places to go to eat for Muslims on Halal holiday.

Quanto Basta:

Situated at Cannaregio, 148, 30121 Venice, Quanto Basta offers halal and vegetarian-friendly food. With Italian pizza, and fast food as its specialty. If you are looking for burgers, sandwiches, pasta, shawarma or kebabs, Quanto Basta offers it all with a cozy ambiance.

Orient Experience:

Looking for best Pakistani and Afghani Cuisine in Venice? Then go to the Orient Experience located at Rio Tera Farsetti Cannaregio 1847/B, 30121 Venice. The restaurant offers a huge variety of traditional Pakistani, Afghani and Middle Eastern cuisine. Its traditional Middle eastern interior is a great tribute to the food it serves. With an affordable price range, you won’t regret eating there.


SKK is one of the most popular halal restaurants in Campo Daniele Manin San Marco 4253, 30124 Venice. If you are looking for something new, a blend of Italian fast food with halal ingredients, then SKK is the only answer.

Bombay Spice:

How can someone ignore the spicy Indian food when in Venice? Go to the Bombay spice Via Forte Marghera 129, 30173, Mestre, and surprise your taste buds with their rich flavors and quality food. From seafood to grilled meat and desserts, the place is worth a visit.

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Adventure spots

One of the most important thing that excites tourist during their travel journey is the availability of adventure sports. Since Venice is more of a historic and artistic city you won’t fight that much of adventure spots here. The city’s true essence lies in walking, sightseeing and museums tours. While also exploring its traditions and food on Halal holiday.

Cruises and Water tours:

When it comes to water tours, Venice has no match at all. Since the whole city stands on water, you can visit it in the same way. Whether in a cruise ship, gondola ride or a boat. However, the widely preferred and most thrilling experience of a lifetime is through their classic gondola rides. Along the grand canal, through the bridges and in between the historic buildings, you can either book it for a 30-min trip duration or even for a whole day.

Art Galleries and Museums:

If there’s one thing that defines Venice, is the richness of world-class art galleries and museums. The city is a house to hundreds of different museums, art galleries, and art museums. From modern aesthetic styles to the ancient ones, you can see here the diversity. La Bottega dei Mascareri, San Marco 801, Scuola Dalmata S.ti Giorgio e Trifone are must-visit.


For centuries, Venice was a trading hub of Europe. The merchants used to ship everything from industrial supplies to spices, luxury clothing, carpets, and artwork. All the way from Islamic Near East to markets of Venice. For the very reason, even today, it has a huge variety of shopping options for tourists. The cherry on top, as a neighboring city of the fashion capital of the world, Milan, Venice is a house to many international fashion designers and artists.


Venice is one of the most historic places in the world. Housing infinite churches, religious sites, museums, palaces, etc. some even thousands of years old. That makes the city a perfect place for sightseeing. With a mixed architectural exhibit, you can either go sightseeing, walking or by biking. The city has dedicated places for such people in order to make sightseeing easy and comfortable in whatever way you like. Church of San Pantalon, Campo del Ghetto, Scuola Grande di San Rocco, St Mark’s Basilica & Doge’s Palace are worth mentioning in this regard

Concerts and Theater:

Theater, Concerts and Traditional music are the defining traits of every culture. Art is what that makes traditions interesting. Keeping in view this, Venice has numerous entertainment options. Theaters, Operas, Carnivals, Ballet shows, Concerts topping the list.

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Hotels and accommodation

Accommodation isn’t that much of a hassle in Venice however a bit expensive. Even finding halal accommodation is very easy. A place where you can rest, pray and relax in a halal manner. The best hotels you can trust are

Hotel Canaletto:

Hotel Canaletto is located in Castello, Venice. The hotel offers a very nice and peaceful living atmosphere. Even the affordability is quite exceptional. Hotels’ no-alcohol policy and female privacy is also a big bonus. In addition to that, you can easily find halal food to eat within 500m of your hotel.

Hotel Firenze:

Situated in San Marco, Venice, Hotel Firenze is a nice place to stay for your next Islamic Holidays trip. The hotel offers a cozy living environment and extraordinary services. If you want, you can have all the alcohol removed from your easily. On the other hand, beaches and spas are available only for ladies and for private family use. Making it the best choice for a family-friendly hotel to stay in.

Hotel Kappa:

In Mestre, Venice, Hotel Kappa is the most halal hotel you can ever find in Italy. The hotel has a strict no-alcohol rule. That means no alcohol can be consumed within the property’s premises. In addition to that, all the food that it serves is completely halal. So that you don’t have to go outside in search of halal food.

Hotel Campiello:

Hotel Campiello is one of the luxurious yet affordable hotels in Castello, Venice. With halal-friendly filters, you can get halal food, alcohol removed from your room and making the spa available for ladies only. Providing you the best environment for your Halal holidays.

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Getting Around

Convenience in Venice is quite expensive. Even the water boats can charge you up to 100 euros for the shortest trip. Therefore, the best way of getting around in Venice in on foot. Try your best to roam the city by walking or If you desire you can rent a bike. However, when the boat ride becomes a necessity than there’s no other option left.

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Venice is an ultimate travel destination for Holidays for Muslim. Its historical importance and aesthetic style reflect the art of ancient times. That too of the Muslim countries of Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Egypt. In addition to that, the variety of museums and art galleries is also an attraction for art lovers all around the world. Today, with so many halal-friendly travel options available, roaming the city is no difficulty. You can explore Venice in a completely Muslim friendly way for your next Halal holiday. From food to accommodation, everything is easily available.                    

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