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How to see Luxor in a day


As a part of ‘Explore Egypt 2018’,  Muslim travel club visited Egypt including Luxor , Aswan and Cairo over Easter. Each of them deserves a separate post. In this post we will tell you how to see Luxor in a day in its depth, while saving a huge chunk of money.

Luxor was the capital of Egypt in ancient times. It has a lot of monuments on both sides of Nile , which attract thousands of visitors every year . Most of the monuments are on the West Bank of Nile.
There are a lot of tour agencies which operate in Luxor . But there is always another ( more economical ) and more adventurous way to do things.

All these attractions can easily be seen on a cycle in s matter of 3-4 hours, depending on how much time you want to spend on each site. These attractions include:

  • Valley of the kings
  • Hatshepsut
  • Medina haibu
  • And many others en route including recently discovered big statues


To accomplish this , get your accommodation in the West Bank. West Bank is quieter and have some very good restaurants. East bank is totally crowded, with people trying to sell you things. So,

  • Stay at West Bank.
  • Hire a cycle for 50 Egyptian pounds a day ( less than 3 pound sterling ). The more you stay away from the Nile, the nearer you are , from all those attractions. This article considers cycling at slow-medium speed

The place where we stayed was only 15 mins cycle away from valley of the kings and it was a nice residential area with a number of guest houses. The road to valley of the kings has a very gradual incline. So you will have no difficultly cycling , even if you are not a cyclist. You can park the cycle at valley of the kings car park and the parking guy will look after it.

After you finish your visit , you can cycle to Hatshepsut, which is on the other side of valley of the kings , in no more than 15 mins. The terrain is flat or downhill. There are a few shops en-route in the villages, If you get thirsty. And those villagers are really nice and hospitable people

From Hatshepsut to medina haibu is another 8-10 mins of cycling. The terrain is flat or downhill mostly with one little uphill.

From medina haibu to the West Bank of Nile is only 10-15 mins of cycling on a flat terrain. The main road passes through Newly discovered statues which are about 40 meters tall.

The whole journey should take you around 4 hours. Make sure that you go during the afternoon to avoid hordes of people in the morning. You will have to cope with the heat but I am sure you can

After having a rather adventurous afternoon , end your day with a relaxing ride in boat on the Nile. Lay on top of its roof and tune in to your inner self. The Nile in Luxor is much wider than in aswan and Cairo- And it’s much more quieter. You can easily find boats at the bank of Nile.

Explore egypt 2018 - Enjoy sunset at nile, after an adventurous afternoon

For dinner , two best places to eat on the West Bank are
– Nile view restaurant
– Africa restaurant
They both offer different cuisine and are equally delicious. Not to mention the super views of Nile from the restaurants

Incase you are wondering , there are only two monuments to see on east bank. And
One of them ( Luxor Temple) can easily be seen when you get to take the boat for the West Bank.

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