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The first step


In late 80s, there was a little child in some part of the world, who used to watch american movies on television. He used to get fascinated and dreamy as he watched the scenes shot using helicopter , of long and wide roads and bridges crossing over other bridges. He wondered what life will be like, in that part of the world. How people live and what  their day comprises of. That thought chain was disturbed because he had to go to school the next morning .

After some time , he read the European history and he became obsessed about visiting some parts of Europe, Andalusia in particular. He didn’t have the means to travel there immediately. He used to  watch the planes flying under neath the stars and dream , that one day he will be flying too.

Fast forward to 2010 – That little child made his journey into Europe – A continent, he was obsessed about.  After a long fought battle with life,  he was now able to fly anywhere he wanted to. He made his first trip to Andalusia ( Grenada and Cordoba)

He traveled a lot , with people he didn’t know. Never met before. He made lots of friends. But there was still a gap. He couldn’t manage to bridge that gap even after years of traveling. He traveled solo and he traveled with the groups – Met people from all parts of the world – Exchanged opinions. But he mostly felt like the odd one out.

All these factors, lead to the creation of Muslim Travel Club .  Which is the world’s first Muslim travel and adventure club, that provides unique experience for adventure seekers and travelers alike. The flexible arrangements of accommodation sharing or booking your own accommodation, the option to join for any length of the journey, are the hall marks of   Muslim Travel Club .  Join the club if you haven’t already. Full version of website will be launched in a few weeks time.

The club will address several important problems related to travel and specially, Muslim travel. Running the travel club will have its own challenges  but if everything goes right, its not an adventure.

P.S Fernweh stands for “an strong urge to travel to distant places”

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Fernweh A Muslim Travel Club Blog

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