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Immerse in the timeless beauty of Venice.

venice italy halal travel boat gondola

Holidays for Muslim might sound limited to some particular places however the narrative is completely flawed. One such exemplary citation for Halal holiday is in Venice, Italy. The city built on water is an exceptional portrayal of the Muslim Architecture and Influence. Nonetheless, an ultimate, dream travel destination for Islamic holidays. With the population of 261,905 residents and an area...

Why Travelling with Strangers can be a Unique Experience!


The concept of the other, or a stranger, are merely human constraints and constructs, that have been created and passed on from generations to ward off threatening situations. While it may have its downside, the upside is that you have a lot to gain by making friends with strangers. Meeting people from a diverse background There is never a dull day when meeting strangers. Knowing that you’re all...

Fernweh A Muslim Travel Club Blog

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