We are the world's first and only adventure and travel club for muslims, who are on a mission to make adventure and travel more accessible, meeting the needs of muslim travellers.

Who we are

We are the world's premier adventure and travel club for muslims. We are on a mission to make adventure and travel more accessible to muslims, who have some peculiar needs than normal travellers.

We believe that a good mix of adventure, travel and history can make a trip, a totally fun trip. We are committed to provide good and fulfilling entertainment.

What do we do?

Culture trips

Ideal to have a taster of a new country and its culture, the landscape, the food and its people. From 3 days to a week long trips.

Trekking trips

For trekking (hiking) lovers, who love the green and the nature, for those who want to get in touch with nature and tune-in with theirselves - such trips provide a great opportunity to do so. From 3 days upto a week long trips.

Mix of culture, adventure and country explorer

An ideal mix of culture ,adventure and history. We visit different cities in a country overland(and possibly cross into another country over land). An ideal holiday for two weeks

Adventure sports trips

Surfing, trekking or skiing weekends (or longer)

Custom trips upon request

If you have an idea you really want to do and can't find it on our trips page, talk to us at team@muslimtravelclub.com

All of our trips are geared for beginners unless otherwise stated. So if its your first time, come along with confidence. A journey of thousand miles starts with a first step.





What do people say about us

A good weekend in belgium

A great weekend with a great bunch of people. Visit to brugge was amazing. We did a walking tour in brussels before leaving for london.

Day walk in cotswolds, UK - a female member

Although the walk was cut short since one memeber was unable to keep up with the pace - i still enjoyed the day through beautiful green fields and hills.

Egypt was awesome

I met the group in egypt. We enjoyed our time exploring the city and then a night in the desert. Food was amazing along with some lovely group members.